Friday, July 27, 2012

Would You Run For This Wednesday
Ok, runners, wanna-bes, and should-bes. Todays Would You Run For This Wednesday comes at you two days late...ahem, sorry. No really, I was gone on vacation with no power, and I could not send out my mouth blowing, gonna make your run post of this delicious Baked Banana French Toast!

The recipe is right under the picture posted as always, the only not so great thing, is the nutritional facts are not posted on their site...which means you can figure the calories and fat grams for yourself, or do what I do...Bake, Eat, Run.

The really great thing about the recipe is that there is step by step photos along with the directions for the yummy breakfast just to make sure you are able to move along the delicious path to massive running calories! The other really great thing about a breakfast like this one, is you can plan to make it after a nice long run, to re-fuel and replenish some of those depleted carbs...the trick is to out run your appetite.

I for one LOVE anything that has bananas in it! So, this Baked Banana French Toast is right up my alley.

I will definitely be running for this one! Tell me....Would You Run For This?


  1. Yeah... YUM!!!!!! Love anything with bananas too. Thanks!

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